Advertising and Promoting:

The Purpose of this page is to share information of where to advertise and promote your business.

It was suggested to me to promote, promote, promote.  “The More eye balls the better”….. – What Ever Business You May Be In

Unfortunately I had no idea of where to start so hopefully this page will help you get started quicker than I.

Nb:  Whilst writing please note that the comments I make are from my own personal experience and may not apply to you, after all we are all different and like different things.

So, where to start…………..

1.  Mailers:  I have written a post here discussing my personal top five favorite mailers.

2.  Banner Advertising:  I have written a post here relating to Mega Box Banners which I personally love using but go here to see more places of where to promote your banners (size 468 x 60 Pixels)

Please note this page is currently work in progress so watch out for regular updates.

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