Free Tips: Promote What You Love

Just came off an hour long webinar with Marci Jones (Owner or Viral Commission, Viral Taco Traffic and Commando Surf - to name just a few of her sites).

Firstly, I would like to mention this was the first time I had been exposed to Marci Jones and thought she was great.

Marci is obviously very much out to share lots of information – for free,  to help anyone build their online business, who is willing to ask for help.

If you missed the webinar then here are 5 tips that were mentioned.

– there were more tips and lots of free promotional codes for the above sites, so worth attending next time or alternatively go to the fan pages for those sites mentioned above and claim more promo codes for free.

5 Tips: Promote What You Love

Tip 1: Promoting is a numbers game but promoting what you love is easier and reaps more rewards for all

Tip 2: If you have promoted something for 3 months and not gained any rewards either financially  or gained new team members then rinse and repeat or give up

Tip 3: Focus your efforts with what works for you and on something you are passionate about that oozes positive energy (dump any negativity)

Tip 4: Don’t use popups in TEs (Traffic Exchanges)

Tip 5: Track and Test.  Be consistent, Be active; you get out what you put in

Hope you found the above information of benefit – it would be great if you could share, and/or leave a comment to say hello.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog.


PS If you are looking for some places to get your ads seen here are some suggestions:

a)  Sites which are free

b)  Sites which are for lazy marketers or short on time building their online business



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