Email Marketing: 5 Free Tips

Email Marketing: 5 Free Tips

  • Make use of the Personal Name tag i.e. #FIRSTNAME# or #firstname# but remember not to over do it; generally I’ve found using their first name three times is acceptable.
  • Always use your manners; thank people for their time for reading your email and wish them success;  (manners are one thing that is free)
  • Get to know your audience before being over friendly and offer them something of value – to them; nothing worse than receiving an email from a stranger which starts with ‘Hey Friend’, when I’ve never received any correspondence from them before, AND then they tell me I wish to lose weight when really I need to put some on :)
  • Remember not to feel sad if you’ve had little or no response to your email when you have only sent it out once.  Generally people need to see something at least 7 times before it registers.  As a suggestion change it a little each time you send it out.  On occasions I have sent the same email out ten times and it was on the tenth one that I received the most click through results.  Don’t ever give up, simply rinse and repeat.
  • Lastly, do put in some form of contact details.  So, so many times I receive emails from people who forget to do this or chose not to.  Where do I go when I wish to ask a question about joining?  Tip: Avoid links as sometimes with email marketing it falls into spam.  I put Twitter CharltonBennett or Facebook Getalife or Skype maureen.charlton.bennett

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you found the above useful.


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