Scheduling Your Emails is Awesome, but Do You Know Which Ones Work?

Scheduling emails offers answers to one 0f the many challenges internet marketers might face.

  • You might have a poor internet connection. – Something I personally experienced whilst living in a rural area in the UK, and yes it was a nightmare!
  • You might wish to get your ads out whilst your sleeping.
  • You might wish to manage the different time zones around the world.
  • You might wish to plan ahead when you have an event scheduled or simply wish to take the day off

Below is a list of emails that offer the opportunity to schedule your emails.

Free Tips When Scheduling Your Emails:

Tip 1:  Don’t schedule on the hour go for 15 minutes or more later.

Tip 2:  Check the CTR (Click Through Rates) rather than the number of active members within the site


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  1. sam j haim
    7 years ago

    Ms. Bennett,

    Sounds like good advice.


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